August 1, 2023

The Lobby, Advocacy and Communications Workshop aimed at strengthening the capacity of JISRA Lobby, Advocacy and Communications Working Group members and other program staff in Advocacy and Communications were trained by TearFund Nigeria on the effectiveness in the implementation of the Extra Religious Pillar of the JISRA project and other advocacy and communications related activities.

The wokshop is aimed at Increasing self awareness and understanding of conflict analysis and conflict sensitivity assessments, improve understanding of working in and adjusting to various changes associated with the peace building thematic area. Increase in knowledge and experience in the peace building and the FOrB space. Some of the topics covered are;

  • What is Advocacy
  • Types of Advocacy
  • Foundation of advocacy policy
  • What are Policies
  • What is Advocacy Policy
  • Advocacy policy summary
  • Why is advocacy policy important
  • Core components of policy advocacy
  • How policy works
  • Stages of Policy Development
  • Drafting of Policy Briefs
  • Strategic  Communication
  • How to effectively engage with decision makers and many more.

The training which started on 31st July, 2023, is to  end on 2nd August, 2023. Participants attested to the fact that the workshop has been very impactful.

Get trained on Conflict Management

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